I’m Back!

After “Is Your Man Hungry” I actually received e-mails from people who had read my blog!  

First, I didn’t think anyone actually read my blog because I have to beg my friends and family to read it; then, after reading some of the comments like “Do you even HAVE a man???” I wished I’d never written the damn thing; so I took it down.  Then I realized I didn’t give a shit what anyone thought; so I’m back.

So, to Anonymous who said, “I know your man’s hungry cuz  I had him last night,” I say, “Lucky you.  He’s damn good.”

To the unnamed reader who asked, “Aren’t you divorced?” I say, “Happily. And?”

To those who questioned how I was “qualified” to give out relationship advice I say, “Life.”

And, finally, to the feminist who called ‘Is Your Man Hungry’ “degrading to the female sex” and who called me a “mysogonist”; I say, “Clearly your man is hungry.”

I’m just a squirrel tryin’ to get a nut!  Good to be back.  -i



~ by EclecticEnigma on July 9, 2009.

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